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Jingying Future School


Founded in 2002, Jingying Future School has led the modernization of educational concepts, educational content and teaching methods with the modernization of the information and technologies. It absorbs essence of foreign and Chinese teaching and attracts distinguished teachers in China and abroad. It strives to explore and implement future education with a view to the future of students, of society, and of our nation.


Over the ten odd years, the School has absorbed domestic and foreign advanced educational concepts and experience at the height of national and global educational innovation, and formed the small-class, digital, diversified, and international education mode that focuses on “individuation”. It has blazed a high-end trail of exploiting “gifted children” and cultivating top-notch innovative personnel. The School has been rated as “Outstanding School of Teaching Practice of Intel Future Education Project” and “Experimental School for Network Educational Mode and Performance Experimental Research”.