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Shijiazhuang Jingying High School


Founded in 1993, Shijiazhuang Jingying High School is a non-government boarding school directly under Shijiazhuang Ministry of Education. It is the only provincial key high school that is accredited to recruit students over Hebei Province. Directly under Shijiazhuang Ministry of Education, the School has also been rated as a provincial demonstrative high school and given the title of “Advanced Unit for High School Teaching in Shijiazhuang” for consecutive years.


Since Li Jinchi, a famous educationist, took his office as the Principal, he has united all students and faculty together to cooperate with each other with sincerity and led them to reform with keen determination, put the passionate education into practice, establish “6+1” class of high efficiency, and promote delicacy management from all aspects. Their efforts have helped the School rise sharply. In 2014, the rates of students in this School admitted to key universities and common universities rank the first among all high schools in Shijiazhuang, which is another legend in college entrance examination created by the School.