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Hebei Institute of Communications


Hebei Institute of Communications is acclaimed as an institute of higher education that focuses on media art and coordinates development of liberal art, engineering, and administration. It has been rated as “Top Ten Non-government Colleges of China”. In March, 2007, it was upgraded to a college. It was accredited to award bachelor’s degree in June, 2009 and to enroll postgraduates in October, 2011. In the year of 2013, it began to enroll doctor candidates in cooperation with Chinese National Academy of Arts.


LuanCheng campus of Hebei Institute of Communications, with a total investment of RMB 2 billion, and a total area of 1,500 mu, is a key project in Hebei province. In the first phase, the planning area of this project is 500 mu, and the building area is 200,000 square meters. The first-stage project has been completed and put into operation in the summer of 2013. The future Hebei Institute of Communications will be built into an open complex of Chinese art and media, which will focus on cultivating highly artistic talent, and integrate tourism, culture & art experience, products trading, and large-scale actual performances into a whole.